• Access to events will work on a first come, first saved basis with priority being given to special events pass holders for the allotted time, although UN Pass holders will be granted access if there is space – and are encouraged to attend!
  • All events will also be broadcast live via UN Web TV.
  • The SDG Action Zone will only be accessed through a designated security point. Therefore, only individuals with a special events pass or a UN badge will have access to events in this space.
  • We strongly advise all speakers and event hosts to plan to enter through security no later than 1 hour before event start times. The SDG Action Zone team cannot control queueing times to pass through security and no shortcuts can be offered.
  • Attending Heads of States should contact their Permanent Missions for security details.


  • Registration for special events passes is now closed.
  • Once your ticket(s) are available, you will receive an email from our DISTRIBUTION TEAM from UNGA@196Live that your ticket(s) are available for pick up. Your ticket(s) will be available from the point when you are NOTIFIED until the start of your event. You may also pickup tickets for fellow attendees who are unable to make it to the distribution site.
  • Your ticket will be available for collection at the SDG Action Zone Distribution Tent: 45th St. and 2nd avenue next to Herbs Thai.
  • Distribution Site Hours:Sunday (22 September) 8PM -10PM Monday (23 September)  7AM – 7PM Tuesday (24 September) 7AM – 7PM Wednesday (25 September) 7AM – 7PM Thursday (26 September) 7AM – 4PM Friday (27 September) 7AM – 5PM
  • If you cannot collect the special events pass in person, a colleague, partner or event host can collect it on your behalf. Ticket ‘collectors’ will need to sign for any tickets they are collecting and show their government issued ID. There is no maximum to the amount of tickets that can be collected
  • For Evening Receptions and invite only events, the event host will distribute passes directly
  • Please note: The SDG Action Zone take no responsibility for lost or damaged Special Events Passes. They cannot re-printed or re-issued.
  • SDG Action Zone Attendees (with special event passes) will not have access to the Secretariat building.


  • Individuals with UN accreditation (including staff, consultants, interns, and affiliates) will be able to access the Zone directly from the Secretariat building.
  • Individuals with UN accreditation do not need special event passes to access events in the Zone. However, access is not guaranteed. If the room is a capacity, priority will be given to special event ticket holders. 


  • Media with the proper UN media accreditation will not require a secondary special events pass. However, if the room is at capacity, a total of 20 media will be granted to attend the sessions. 
  • Events will be broadcast live at the media tent via UN Web TV. 
  • lease note no media lists or interviews will be provided by the SDG Action Zone team. We encourage all session hosts to reach out to their media contacts that are already UN media accredited.
    Media kit, photo and video assets and information about media access will be provided on the site


  • Special events passes will be ready for collection by all participants 1 day before the specified event time. 
  • Event passes can be picked up by participants at a designated pick-up point outside of the UN security perimeter. Exact location will be shared in the confirmation email all registered guests will receive on 21th September.
  • Once tickets are collected, guests can then pass through the first security checkpoint (2nd Ave and 46th Street) and enter through the UN Media Entrance (1st Ave and 47th Street)
  • At the UN Media entrance, guests will be required to show a valid government-issued ID as it corresponds to their special events pass.
  • Guests are prohibited from bringing suitcases, professional cameras, weapons, large or sharp objects
  • Guests will be instructed to walk through the North Lawn, and not through the 46th Entrance and UN Plaza, to access the SDG Action Zone
  • Unless noted otherwise, guests will enter and exit through this route. Guests will not be able to access the UN Plaza nor be allowed inside the UNHQ building. 


 Your session in the program  Every session will be featured as part of the online programme of events
Promoting the SDG Action Zone and your session  Event hosts are responsible for promoting their sessions through their channels, networks and partners.  We encourage all session hosts and speakers to use their own as well as their organization’s web and social media platforms to promote their engagement using the hashtag #SDGActionZone and #ForPeopleForPlanet. All events at the SDG Action Zone will be broadcast.  More information on platforms, embed codes and direct links to the feed will be made available to session hosts at a later stage. We highly encourage you to share the feed directly on their platforms or lead your network to their preferred platforms. To support you in this process, we’ve prepared a communications package with sample texts, social media visuals, and multimedia material. Visuals, text and useful materials will continue to be made available.  Full kit, codes and materials can be found on the #SDGActionZone Trello Board.  Photo & Video coverage A photographer will be capturing the best moments at the SDG Action Zone.  Photos will be uploaded and shared at the end of each day on the #SDGActionZone Trello Board:  
Every session host is encouraged to produce their own photo/video content from the zone.




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